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Norflow Pool & Spa

IMG_1591It has been a season of change for Norflow Pool and Spa. We have always strived to carry the best products and offer quality service for our customers. In order for us to continue with this commitment we have reevaluated our business and returned to a Service Business.

To our valued store customers thank you for supporting us over the years. We look forward to supporting you in your service needs. We have closed our retail store in order to focus on what our core business. We will continue to support you with product knowledge and will help assist you in any warranty services needed.

When you need equipment replacement, service or repair of your Pool or Hot Tub please call us. We get it your busy, let us come to you.




2 thoughts on “Norflow Pool & Spa”

  1. We now specialize in equipment procurement and installation and equipment repair only of pumps, heaters ( gas, propane and electric heat pumps) lighting controls and automatic covers.


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